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Time Management Tips for Cosplay


  • Worried that you’ll never have enough time to get all your cosplays finish before a con?
  • Concerned that your life already too busy with school, job, and ect, that you have no more time to make a cosplay?
  • Every made a cosplay in under two weeks or less before a con?
  • Do you find yourself stressed out over a cosplay?
  • Wish for more time on a cosplay?

  If so, read on. Here’s a  time management trick  I learned in college, it’s the ABC&D managing skills, which can be applied to cosplay projects. Now, it’s important to know about the three truism.

Truism #1 : Times flies!!!!

Truism #2: Everything takes longer than you think it will!

Truism #3: No matter what you are doing at this minute, in most cases, you would rather be doing something else.

Next, we have the ABC&D plan.

  • A: Anticipate and plan
  • B: Break tasks down
  • C: Cross things off
  • D: Don’t procrastinate!!!!

A, helps you plan out your project. Get a calendar and plan out time between the convention and a cosplay project. Always give yourself plenty of time, because rushing a cosplay won’t make it look that pretty.

B, breaking down a task is easier than trying to tackle a huge armor project at once. It’s easy to tackle small projects day by day. For example, I set up my schedule like gather materials, research,  pattern, sew,check, and done. You don’t want to get caught procrastinating cause certain things can be overwhelming. Always keep in mind : everything takes longer than you think it will!

C, created a ‘to-do’ list.  This list will serve multiple purpose, by keeping you updated with your process or informs you about missing materials. Plus, it’s a mini motivator to help you complete your project. Each time you cross off something on that list, you’ll feel that sense of accomplishment. However, try to put your ‘to-do’ list somewhere important, so you remember about your cosplay. Trust me, I can forget things easily. So, I make copies so there’s one in my wallet, car, and posted on my mirror. 

D, don’t procrastinate!!!! Procrastination is a major problem!! Always put off until later attitude is the worst! Cosplay, takes time and a lot of effort when creating or building these amazing clothes, props, and armor.  Like the old saying, “Amount of time and effort you put into something, the better that something will be.” You want that cosplay to look amazing, so you can go find a picture somewhere. AVOID PROCRASTINATE! Don’t let procrastination be a way of life for you! Manage your time right from the start!

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