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I get messages on a regular basis from people who are scared of cosplaying, and it makes me so sad that there are people out there who really want to try cosplaying but are too afraid of getting internet hate to participate. That just ain’t cool.

Bullying is never okay, but unfortunately it’s a pretty frequent occurrence in the online world of fandom. And realistically, the bullies probably aren’t going anywhere. The internet makes it really easy for people to spread hate, and I don’t think there will ever be a day when it isn’t an issue in the cosplay community. (Depressing, I know, especially considering we’re all a bunch of weirdos pretending to be magical girls/ninjas/dudes with giant swords/elves/etc. In an ideal world, we’d all stick together, but unfortunately, it’s not an ideal world.)

When you see someone else being bullied, it can be easy to stand up for them - but when you’re the one receiving hate messages on Tumblr or someone is leaving cruel comments on your photos, it can be a lot harder. I’ve found that when it comes to dealing with hate you may get for your costumes, the best thing to do is let it go.

Don’t acknowledge it, don’t give it a second of your time, because it seriously does not matter. Seriously. Doesn’t matter. No, really, it doesn’t. Step back and look at the big picture. Does a message from some jerk on the internet who hates your nose or your weight or your fabric choice really affect your life? No. It doesn’t. There are so many awesome things to enjoy in life, ain’t nobody got time to waste on jerks like that.

Just don’t care what other people think. Someone thinks you make an ugly Sailor Moon? Who cares! You had a great time cosplaying her and you got to spend the whole day with your Sailor Scout group, and you’re really proud of the pictures you guys took together - so share those memories, post them all over your Tumblr and your Facebook, spam them everywhere! If that person doesn’t like your costume, that’s their problem. You keep on doin’ you.

It’s easier said than done; having self-confidence takes practice, but once you get there, it’s an insanely good feeling to know that their words can’t hurt you. Focus on having fun with your hobby, spending time running around as ninjas with your friends, and crying over your sewing machine the night before a con because your SnK jacket isn’t done and you still haven’t started on the straps and oh god how does 3DMG even work.

This got a lot longer than I intended, but tl;dr: Don’t let the haters stop you from sharing your artwork with other cosplayers and bonding with each other over this silly, ridiculous hobby of ours.

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Sorrynotsorry for the long post. (≧∇≦)/

Sadly it’s not as detailed as the other tutorial, but I didn’t intend to make one first and so I had to use the pictures I had.

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Paper Mache Tricks and Tips



In the age of thermoplastics and resins paper mache seems a little unglamorous and low-tech, but I think it’s still worth considering as a material if you’re getting into prop and armor-making.  If you have low budget for your project but plenty of time in which to complete it, it’s worth considering.

Read More

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Kaneki/ Rize Kagune tutorial

Hope this helps you~ if you have any questions, just ask~ 

I kinda rushed this because I felt bad for taking so long to put this up ^___^

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Some favorite shots of my Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay from Kumoricon!

Sakura- Me

Syaoran- Arden

Photo by Roget Ratchford

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Tutorial 2: Washing a Wig


Though many of these steps I covered in my Detangling a Wig I figured I’d make this for many of the wig newbies following this blog. It’s a good thing to have a refresher on.

If there is any part of this you do not understand, please let me know and I will try to clarify/reword. I hope this will be of great help!

Equipment Needed:
Wig (obviously)
Wig stand/head/Place to dry the wig 
Baby shampoo or a very gentle dish soap (I’ve used Dawn and Gain)
Large mixing bowl (It’s best to get one JUST for your wig) or clean Sink 
Cold water
Spray bottle


1. Select the wig you’re going to wash. 

2. Fill a clean sink, large mixing bowl or tub (if you have multiple wigs like I did last week. 10 wigs) with COLD water and wig shampoo or baby shampoo/gentle dish soap. I do recommend baby shampoo if you cannot afford wig shampoo. It’s soap free and is very gentle on the wig. I’ve even used it for ‘cheap halloween’ wigs and it made a difference.



Do not use warm/hot water to wash your wig. There’s a chance it could permanently effect the way the wig lays, ruin curls and waves, or even melt the fibers if it gets too hot. Save the hotness for when you’re sure you can style with heat or if you’re removing curls via the steam method.

3. Carefully submerge your wig into the soapy water.


4. Gently work through any knots in the wig with your fingers as well as rubbing the wig softly so it can be cleaned. Try treating it as you would a baby or if you were washing a puppy or kitty.


Put more baby shampoo on your hand (not too much) if you wish to get those areas that are soaked with hairspray/gel or you know that have been near sweat central on your head. 

5. Let it sit for a minute or two. 

6. Take wig out, drain water from bowl.

7. Run wig under COLD water until the water runs clear at the bottom. Make sure you get all the soap out.


Optional: soften and detangle the wig with fabric softener.

Make sure to let that sit 30 minutes at least or longer depending on your time restrictions if you do this. Rinse clear.

8. Get towel. Place wig on towel and carefully make a towel burrito with a wig filling.


9. Carefully pat down on the towel to help absorb moisture. Do not squeeze or rub. Just pat it, like you would a tattoo or a burn on your skin. Don’t irritate or loosen the fibers from the wig.

10. Unwrap wig burrito and put on wig head.


Depending on how long your wig is you can either just put it like I did or you can place the wig head on a broom steam and carefully set that somewhere. OR put it on one of these neat shoe racks like my roommate and I have


It’s come in handy for story our wigs that have no bags or wig heads to be placed on and it was really great for drying our wigs. I just put the whole thing in the tub and let it drip dry for a day or two. It was great for the long wigs because they could go at the top and now have to worry about getting kinked into the shape they were laying in. It’s especially great if you’re wash about 10 wigs in one night like I did (I do not recommend).

Let the wig dry completely before attempting to brush or style. 

Have others used this tutorial? What was your experience with it? Good? Bad? So-so? Reblog or comment and let everyone know!

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Ahh, so this weekend there was this 2 day cosplay event at one of our local malls! It was super duper fun! <3

I just kinda wanted to post a photo of me in cosplay, since I don’t really post much of those, and I haven’t made any posts in a while. I might post more later.

Luka: OrangeAlpacas

Miku: Marisa

Photographer: W’irmawan

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Er, so someone requested that I show what I basically do for male/masculine cosplays!!  Hopefully this video isn’t too bad or confusing and sorry for my messy hair haha

If anyone has any questions my ask is open!

Eye Makeup Tutorial

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One of my selfies as Tsukishima Kei from Haikyuu at Dragoncon! Genderbent design based off of viria's designs!!

I have some full body shots I’ll post later.

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Madame Mim Shoes!


Okay, so this took me waaaay too long to post, but anyway. 

So, I got this cheap pair of comfortable (MOST important if I’m going to be wearing them for like eight hours) little heels. They’re so cute I didn’t want to recolour them but meh. Had to be done. 


Okay! So we have the technology! The technology was sandpaper, a pair of Chinatown stockings, a buttload of cold glue and some paint. 

I sanded down the shoes which took an age and made them look a little shit. In places I sanded too hard and the base fabric of the shoe came out but that’s what the stockings were for, no sweat. So I applied the stockings!



Observe my lumpy, sad trash shoes. 
So once that was done - and that took a lot of work believe me. I didn’t cut a space for the heel or anything so that whooole shoe is covered in stocking. Then I primed it with white paint just so I had a nice clean base to work with. 



And lastly, I painted them the same colour as my socks!


Ignore my sister’s messy bed. 

But there you have it, that’s how I recoloured my Madame Mim shoes!

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