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This group finally came together and I couldn’t be happier! It’s definitely my biggest accomplishment for a group to date, with 24 girls and we even got some of our friends to join us last minute which was really neat! :) The fact that they’re all my designs is a weird experience for me and it’s a little overwhelming… xD

Not all the photos are up yet but here are some of my favorites of the ones I found. I hope you enjoy!


Alice- Marie
Ana- thearctictale - Arctictale(FB)
Ariel- cassierolee - Cassierole(FB)
Aurora- NyankoChi Cosplay(FB)
Belle- Ginger Quinzel(FB)
Cinderella- Artisticpsyco Cosplay(FB)
Charlotte- raindrop-cosplay - Raindrop Cosplay(FB)
Eilonwy- Rahze Works(FB)
Elsa- Rukia Hitachiin Cosplay(FB)
Esmeralda- water-tribe-swaggah - Almost Legit Cosplay(FB)
Jane- defenderdev - Defender Dev(FB)
Jasmine- Phavorianne(FB)
Kida- ICosplayInsanity(FB)
Meg- pokemonmasterkimba - Kimba Sprite Cosplay(FB)
Merida- bridgottogelato - Gelato Cosplay(FB)
Minnie- Purple Tulip(FB)
Mulan- Mei-chan
Pocahontas- brixyfire - Brixyfire(FB)
Rapunzel- shannuckles - ShannonAlise(FB)
Sally- Almost Legit Cosplay (FB)
Snow White- Ashpash Cosplay(FB)
Tiana- Simone
Tinkerbell- Maid of Might Cosplay(FB)
Vanellope- antiaichan - Anti Ai-chan Cosplay(FB)

Adam(Beast)- Adam, Ginger Quinzel’s hubby
Milo- Elijah
Peter Pan- Emerald Archer Cosplay(FB)
Ralph- Greg

Photos are by Ben Rogers Photography and Richard Arbuckle

A group of 24! That is serially impressive

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Hi everyone!

Now that we’re back from vacation, how about a giveaway?



  • One (1) Dremel 4000
  • One (1) EVE hypo prop from Bioshock made by Queadlunn
  • One (1) twenty-five (25) dollar gift card from ONE of the following locations (you choose): Lowe’s, Home Depot, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Michaels, Arda Wigs, Epic Cosplay, OR Amazon

Rules and Information

  • Method of Entry: One reblog and one like per person.
  • This giveaway is for OUR FOLLOWERS, so please be following us to enter.
  • This giveaway is sponsored by Cata and Queadlunn of OHI Cosplay and is not associated with Tumblr in any way.
  • Winners will be chosen via random number generator
  • You must be comfortable sending us your address to receive the prizes at the end of the giveaway
  • Must be 18+ to win or have parental permission to receive winnings.
  • This is for continental US only, sorry! 
  • The giveaway will end September 30th, 2014 at 11:59 PM PST
  • At the end of the giveaway your ask box MUST be open so that we may contact you. If you do not respond within 48 hours of contact at the end of the giveaway, you forfeit your right to the prize and we will contact the runner up. 
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Persona 3- Fuuka Yamagishi

Cosplayer: Danisaurz

Photographer: ørz_Phtgrphy

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Sew Classic: Tutorial: Hi-Low Ruffled Pencil Skirt

I drafted this skirt for the Mermaid Parade in NYC. I wanted something fun and mermaid inspired, but I also wanted to wear it out and about on its own. I came up with this design. I drafted it and serged it together in an afternoon, and now I’ve finally posted the tutorial so you can make your own!

You can read about the skirt and the Mermaid Parade here.

Tutorial here.

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Finally, it is here. The new tutorial on how to make cute wristcuffs. I’m sorryit took such time and that I have been so busy to not make something bigger.Better luck next time, I suppose. Oh, well, thank you ad Wellcome to all my new followers and don’t forget as we reach 400 followers there will be a new one again. Thank you everyone and lots of love to all of you.

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Dear Cosplayers who pride themselves on making their creations or that has an excelled crazy ass fabricating talent or has been doing it for many moons or is naturally gifted with undoubted physical beauty, you’re awesome! You’re still not superior to those who don’t though.

Dear Cosplayers who buy their costumes from the store or has them commissioned, is new to the game, or just wants to wear nipple pasties and tights with a table cloth cape to celebrate their fandom, you’re awesome! You deserve the stage the same as the former mentioned above. Be proud!

*In my Rick James voice* It’s not competition. It’s a celebration bitches. Dress up!

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My most favorite picture from the entire weekend and I wish I would have at least gotten someone’s tumblr because HOLY SHIT.


I made an ass out of myself bouncing up and down for this one. But I couldn’t help it! ;w;

Hey that’s me and my friends! I’m so glad you liked our cosplays ‘u’ Finn the Human -
Prince Gumball -
Marshall Lee -
Flame Prince -

Yaaaaay~~~! Thanks! :) I’m happy I got to see you guys!

Im sure meeting you was such a pleasure. Thanks for the pic!

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How to Make Your Makeup Last


"How do I make my makeup last all day?" It is the million dollar question that every makeup-wearer has asked at-least once in their life and today I’m going to give you the answer. Makeup that has faded, oxidized or gone patchy doesn’t really do a great job at enhancing your best assets so use these tips to keep your face makeup staying put for at-least 6 hours…

How to Make Your Makeup Last


Skincare is one of the most important steps in makeup. Without good skin you can’t have great makeup. So cleanse and follow up with a good day cream prior to makeup (I love *Sukin Rosehip Hydrating Day Cream, it makes my makeup glide on extra smooth!) application. I personally don’t like to use a toner and serum before makeup because I find they take a little too long when I’m in a rush and that too much skincare can cause makeup to slide off.


No a primer isn’t just one of those useless products that companies are trying to scam you into buying; a primer is a god send. They come in several different formulas depending on your concerns (green for redness, illuminating, moisturising, mattifying, resurfacing etc.) but my pick is to go with a simple, silicone based primer which will work for just about anybody. They fill in the pores to smooth out your skin making your makeup last, whilst also making your makeup glide on smoother and resulting in the need for less foundation. My holy grail is Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Primer, I’ve been using it for two years and no other primer in the world has come close to the amazing results it gives.

Read More

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New tutorial video! Dyeing the roots of a wig using alcohol-based markers!

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