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Cosplay by Imai Cosplay

Photo taken at Anime North 2014 (Toronto, Canada)

Photo by DROO
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Image © Droo Photographer

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Call to Cosplay

Hey, if you haven’t heard about “Call to Cosplay”, I recommend trying it out. Please know it’s nothing like Heroes of Cosplay, the show actually focuses on building a cosplay with a time limit and budget. Now, there’s two episodes are available on Crunchyroll now. Just know the first episode is just a basic introduction of the competitors.  Also, when the third episode is being released on Crunchyroll today, we’ll be giving two guest pass to our followers. So, stay tune for that pass.

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DIY Gundam/Mecha Cosplay!


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Borderlands 2 DLC: Gaige Cosplay Breakdown!



I’ve spent about 2 solid weeks on this cosplay, I made the main part of the vest and skirt a couple of months ago in a couple of days, then the rest was made in a mad rush over the past week and a half. I’ll start from the top down and include progress pics (most of the pics are the unfinished version).

Because of my rush, there are definitely methods that would have been faster to do this, btu i didn’t have the time or money to buy all the proper materials, so I just sort of made the most of the stuff I already had to hand and limited any purchases to only very necessary stuff.

P.S I really dislike sewing. I suck at it and anything i’ve sewed here, was probably done with the fastest, dirtiest and least technically sound methods possible.

I’ll hopefully be updating this with pictures of the finished stuff after the con, if not i’ll make a separate post and link it all in.

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Wow! This is a great guide for Gaige! All the props look great, but the arm is especially amazing! Wonderful cel shading too.

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A measurement guide for formal dresses


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'Perfect couples don't exist' 

nah son, nah.


Duncan- myself


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crazydemigodgirl: Im looking to do a TF2 Scout cosplay, and maybe even Miss Pauling, do you know of any master posts or cosplayers I could ask about where to find some of the stuff? Thanks! 


Thanks for the question. I have a couple tutorials to help you out with your cosplay.

Hopefully, these tutorials helped you out on your cosplay. Best of luck on your cosplay.

You Can Cosplay

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justcallme-kiba: Howdy. My sister's working on an Infernape cosplay at the moment, and she wants to make a gold-red gradient in the wig, but she's not sure how to do that. Do you or any of your followers have any idea? Thanks in advance :) 


Thanks for the question. Now, you can always added wefts or dye a wig to look like gold-red gradient wig. I have a couple tutorials to help you out with your wig.

Hopefully, these tutorials help you out on your cosplay. Best of luck on your cosplay.

You Can Cosplay

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Anonymous: any ideas or help with creating the tail that Rin Okumura has, i wanna know how to make one that wont drag on the floor but be light enough for it to stay up and stuff?any advice or tutorials? 


Thanks for question. Here’s a couple tutorials to help you out on your cosplay.

Hopefully, these tutorials help you out on your cosplay. Best of luck on your cosplay. 

You Can Cosplay

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